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Welcome to Tartaruga Maritima!

Situated in the extreme south of the pristine Mozambique coastline, alongside Ponta Malongane (13km from the South African border), our private and exclusive self-catering luxury, tented camp offers comfort, privacy and tranquility to the discerning nature lover and adventurer.

The beautiful beaches, inland lakes and swamps, warm water, all-year round sub-tropical climate, coral reefs and adventure trails provide an eco-system close to civilisation for those nature lovers and adventurers who wish to be away from the 'madding crowds'.

This exclusive, yet rustic retreat, where SA Rands are the preferred currency, is only accessible by 4x4 vehicles and is only 665kms from Johannesburg and just over 500 kms from Durban.

The area between Ponta do Oura, Inhaca Island and Maputo is a nature lover's paradise due to its totally unspoilt, undeveloped coastline and low population density.

The region enjoys a sub-tropical climate, with most of the rainfall falling between December and March. The summer months from November to April are characterised by warm temperatures accompanied by relatively high humidity levels whereas the winter months are moderate to warm with much lower levels of humidity.

Average temperatures:
January 32 C
April 23 C
July 20 C
October 25 C

The warm waters of the Mozambique current flow southwards from Madagascar to within 10kms of the coastline. The sea temperature generally tracks the land temperature and will go up to 28C in the summer months and down to 21C in the winter months. This is an ideal ecosystem for the vast number of species of game and reef fish, dolphins, whales and turtles that traverse the area as well as for all or ther other activities susited to an all-year round warm water location.

The coastline from Ponta do Oura to Inhaca Island is saturated with the most beautiful and pristine hard and soft coral reefs, home to a bewildering variety of game and reef fish, turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks and rays. Unlike the coral reefs in South Africa, most of these reefs have remained untouched for nearly two decades during the civil war. This again provides an ideal ecosystem for scuba divers and snorkellers alike.

The terrain consists of long and uninterrupted stretches of white sandy beaches, high primary sand dunes, coastal forests, inland flood plains and numerous lakes and accompanying marshlands, making it an ideal playground for 4x4 vehicle/biking and hiking enthusiasts. The roads from the South African border to the various locations are currently sand roads and therefore require 4x4 vehicles to adequately traverse them. However, use of vehicles of any description is strictly prohibited along the beaches.

In order to make use of these activities, guests are however required to bring along whatever equipment and accessories that they may require as very little, apart from diving equipment, is available for hire in the area.

A raised boardwalk takes guests to their luxury tented accommodation in a beautiful coastal dune forest.

Guests can cool off in a sparkling pool.

Relax around a fire on the deck after a busy day.

The beaches around Tartaruga are favourite nesting areas for Leatherback and Loggerhead turtles.

Interior of luxury-tent
Guests stay in luxury tented-accommodation on raised decks in the heart of the coastal forest.

Bookings: Bruce Hopwood
Cell (SA):
083 301 2958

Camp Manager:
Herman Maleiane
00258 84 373 0067