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The warm waters, excellent underwater visibility conditions, extensive reefs, large but isolated rock pools and abundant fish life all contribute to an exciting snorkelling experience in the area.

The most popular locations for snorkelling are:

  • Ponta Madejanine - 4,86kms north of Malongane
  • Ponta Mimoli - 7,82kms north of Malongane

Madejanine is of particular interest at low tide as a result of the very large rock pools that emerge and run out to the easterly reef at low tide. Dropping off a boat and snorkelling into the rock pool area can also be an exciting experience.

Mimoli is a relatively well protected bay with numerous underwater rocks and reefs in the vicinity. It also has as a dominant rock peninsula jutting out from the southern part of shoreline which can be particularly easily identified at low tide.

It is a very good surf fishing spot and therefore many of the smaller game fish (Kingfish, Pompano etc) as well as their prey (Halfbeaks, Garfish etc) are very often seen whilst snorkelling.

Snorkelling at Ponta do Ouro and Ponta Malongane (off the main rock peninsula on the southern end) can be good depending on currents and the wind conditions.

For the more adventurous snorkeller, excellent snorkeling can be found off Techobanini (11,87kms from Malongane). There are very extensive shallow water reefs which extend over a very large area, however, a boat is required to get there.

Emperor Angelfish
Pickhandle Barracuda
Bluefin Kingfish
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