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The coastline from Ponta do Oura in the south through Ponta Malongane up to Inhaca Island in the north is saturated withthe most beautiful and unspoil hard and soft corals, home to a bewildering variety of game and reef fish, potato and brindle bass, turtles, dolphins, whales, sharks and rays.

Extremely good underwater visibility conditions normally prevalent in this area allow these views to be exploited to the full by aspirant scuba divers. Unlike the coral reefs in South Africa, most of these reefs have remained untouched for nearly two decades during the civil war. Scuba diving in this area is therefore, without question, some of the finest scuba diving available in southern Africa.

The regular dive sights are all 9-42 metres in depth and therefore cater to the full range of divers from 'Open Water 1' through 'Advanced' to 'Master' divers. During the peak seasons, night dives are also available to the more advanced and adventurous divers.

Dive sites
Bass City 19-23m
Pinnacles 30-42m
Three Sisters 19-24m
Kev's Ledge 21-24m
Bread loaf 09-12m
Crèche 10-14m
Doodles 09-12m

Dive planning normally takes place at 18h00 on the evening prior to the dive. Launches into the surf commence relatively early in the morning from both Ponta do Oura and Ponta Malongane (Malongane being more accessible for Tartaruga guests) with qualified dive masters and skippers on appropriately equipped rubber ducks. The distances traveled to the dive sights is not very far in lieu of the closeness of the reefs.

Equipment which can be hired from the dive operator at Malongane includes: Cylinders and pressure gauges, regulators and buoyancy compensators (BCs).

All other personal diving equipment such as mask, snorkels, fins and wetsuits should be brought by the guests. In cases of an emergency, the relevant dive operator may be able to assist. Additional equipment is available for hire on request.

For further information: 013 741 1975
email: malongane@mweb.co.za
Website: www.malongane.co.za

Bluestrip snapper
Bluestripe Snapper.
Sea Goldies
Sea Goldies.
Whale shark
Whale Shark.

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