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NB: The border between South Africa and Mozambique at Kosi Bay opens at 08h00 and closes at 17h00 daily.
During the High Season (12 December to 5 January) it is open for an extra two hours daily 07h00 to 18h00.

Entry Formalities

Visitors require a passport which must be valid for at least six months after the intended date of return from Mozambique.

South African passport holders do not require a visa for Mozambique. All other passport holders need to travel with a visa which can be obtained from the nearest Mozambican Consulate or can be purchased at the border on arrival for a nominal extra fee. Visas at the border vary according to the value of the US dollar (about US$82) and can be purchased with South African rands.

The contact details for the Mozambican Consuls in South Africa are:

Johannesburg: 011 327 2942
Pretoria: 012 401 0300
Durban: 031 304 0200
Cape Town: 021 426 2944

A number of travel companies in Johannesburg offer a visa service for Mozambique saving you the frustration of standing in long queues. Although a handling fee is charged, there is usually less of a delay and the additional cost is well worth it. Contact VIP Visa Service through Mozambique Connections on 011 803 4185 or 011 803 3861 (fax).

Applications for visas at embassies and consulates are processed between 08h00 and 12h00 weekdays and must be accompanied by your passport and a completed Request for Entry form. The visa can be collected on the same day between (15h00 and 16h00) and a proof of payment is required as the Consulate does not handle cash.
The bank account of the Mozambican Consulate in Johannesburg is:

Account name: Mozambique Consulate
Bank: First National Bank
Branch: Bank City Branch code 250805
Account number: 6201 1513 456

The border post opens at 08h00 and closes at 17h00 daily. It does not take much time to get through the border posts. However long weekends and peak holiday periods can create extensive delays. During the High Season (12 December to 5 January) it is open for an extra two hours daily 07h00 to 18h00.

Border post formalities

On arrival at the Mozambican side of the Kosi Bay/Farazela border post:

  • Migracao/Immigration: Proceed to the counter and produce your passport. Please ensure that your passport is stamped with an entry date.
  • Alfandegas/Customs: If you are travelling in your own vehicle, you will be required to produce vehicle registration and fill in an importation form. Please keep a copy of this form with you for the duration of your stay in Mozambique as you may be asked by officials to produce it.
  • Third Party Insurance: There are several small huts on the far side of the border post which house offices selling Third Party insurance which you are required to take out if you are driving a vehicle and/or a trailer into Mozambique. Choose any hut as they all offer the same service at the same price. You may need to show the original registration papers of your vehicle so it is best to have them with you. Policies are based on the value of your vehicle (expect to pay approximately R250) and they are valid for 30 days.

Under no circumstances, should you try to photograph anything at the Border posts.

Please note that no fresh food and meat can be taken back into South Africa unless it is frozen and vacuum packed.

Duty Free Import Allowances

Each traveller over 18 crossing into Mozambique is allowed to import the following for personal consumption only:

Tobacco products: 200 cigarettes, or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars
Alcohol: 1 litre spirits and 2,5 litre wine (3 standard bottles)
Perfume: 50ml perfume or 250ml Eau de Toilette
Pharmaceuticals: A 'reasonable amount' for personal use

No beer is allowed to be imported into Mozambique. The local beer is excellent and the famous 2M (Dois M), Laurentina and Manhica brands are readily available. Other imported brands such as Castle, Amstel, Windhoek, Millers, Heineken and Peroni can be obtained at the market at Malongane.

The official Declaration of Traveller's Allowances.

Fuel & Diesel

Normal fuel and diesel are available at Ponta do Ouro however unleaded fuel is unavailable. KwaNgwanase in South Africa is the last point at which unleaded fuel is available.

Grocery shopping

There is a very well stocked Spar (groceries and hardware) at KwaNgwanase (Manguzi) at which any last minute shopping can be done. The Spar is open on Sunday but closes at midday.

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