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The Mozambique current, flowing very close inshore from north to south, brings in all year-round clear blue warm water to the beaches of southern Mozambique. Surf temperatures in the Malongane bay and the surrounding areas vary from 25°-28° C in the summer months (up to April) and 21°-23° C in the winter months. The sub-tropical conditions provide hot and humid weather conditions in summer and warm but less humid conditions in winter. This makes for excellent all year swimming conditions.

The beaches are relatively flat in inclination and hence are ideal for wading out without fear of being dumped.

There are however currents close in to the shore which move with the seasons and hence care should always be exercised when swimming especially as there are no permanent lifeguards on duty.

As with all beach locations along the coast, there is always an element of wind around and more so in the afternoons. In the event of wind it is always advisable to seek the shelter provided by the various bays (depending on wind direction) and particularly Ponta do Oura.

Another relatively sheltered area is Mimoli, some 5kms north of Malongane.

The beaches are white and pristine and stretch for many uninterrupted kilometres to the north. The very low population density in the area the further north one goes, ensures discreet privacy to those who enjoy jogging or walking on the beach.

Tartaruga Maritima luxury tented camp is set in the pristine coastal
forest a few metres from the ocean.

A wooden walkway takes you from your tent to the beach.

Sunrise over the beautiful Malongane bay where the beach stretches for kilometres.

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