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The terrain consists of long and uninterrupted stretches of white sandy beaches, high primary sand dunes, coastal forests, inland flood plains and numerous lakes and accompanying marshlands, making it an ideal playground for 4X4 vehicle/biking enthusiasts.

The prevailing sub-tropical climatic conditions ensures that there is a relatively high rainfall in the region and this is particularly relevant in the summer rainfall months when heavy rains turn many of the sand roads into large and muddy pools. Without a 4X4 vehicle, many of these roads become impassable. For the 4X4 enthusiast however, this provides for an exciting adventure. During the winter months the sand roads dry out and end up as very fine-grain sand roads which similarly really require the use of a 4X4 vehicle to traverse.

There are numerous tracks all over the area which are great fun to follow either in a full 4X4 vehicle or alternatively on 4X4 bikes. The enjoyment in such a safe environment applies equally to the young and old. There is a nice ride from Malongane to the various vantage points on the way to Ponta do Oura, to the airport on the way back to the border as well as excellent driving/riding up to Madejanine and Mimoli in the north.

Within one kilometre from Malongane on the Ponta do Oura road, there is a large and excellent sand pit where your 4X4 driving skills (vehicle or bike) can be tested.

As in SA however, driving on the beach is not allowed without a permit.


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